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1. The Yokohama Museum of Art "Collection Search"

The Yokohama Museum of Art “Collection Search” (https://inventory.yokohama.art.museum/eng/) (herein known as “this site”) is managed and operated by the Yokohama Museum of Art (herein known as “the museum”) for the purpose of providing information on the works and reference materials held in the museum’s collection. By viewing or using this site you agree to these Terms of Service.

  • * Information will be added and updated on this site over time as it becomes available through further compilation, investigation and research.
  • * Circumstances prevent the public display of some works and reference materials, including deposited works.

2. Rights of third parties

Some content may be copyrighted by, or subject to other rights (e.g. portrait rights, publicity rights, etc.) that are owned by, a third party (someone other than the museum). It is the responsibility of the user to obtain any necessary permissions from third parties for the use of such content.
Even where the content is copyrighted by a third party, there may be some cases where it may be used without the copyright holder’s permission, such as in citations or in private use as permitted under the Copyright Law of Japan.

3. Images of works

Based on Article 47 of the Copyright Law of Japan (as revised January 1, 2019), and based on “Guidelines on Article 47 of the Copyright Law Concerning Reproductions Accompanying Exhibition of Artworks, etc.” published by six copyright management organizations and museum-related organizations (Japan Artists Association, Inc., Japan Art Copyright Association, Japan Photographic Copyright Association, Japanese Association of Museums, The Japanese Council of Art Museums, Japan Book Publishers Association), and based on “Guidelines for Article 47 of Law No. 30 of 2018 (partial amendment of copyright law)” published by Japanese Society for Protecting Artists’ Rights, this site displays thumbnail-size (32,400 pixels or less) images of works regardless of whether the copyright is protected or not. In addition, for works whose copyright protection period has expired or whose copyright holder’s permission has been obtained, enlarged images are also available. Images of works will be added and updated over time as they are prepared or as the relevant copyright protection period allows.

  • * Circumstances prevent the display of images of some works, for example deposited works and works where there may be a conflict with portrait rights or other rights besides copyright.
  • * Unauthorized reproduction or reprinting of the images of works displayed on this site is not permitted. If you wish to use the images for academic research or educational purposes, or to publish the images in publications, regardless of whether that use is commercial or not, please contact the museum (attention: “Collection Search” Manager), which is the manager of the image data.
  • * To raise any other issues or concerns with regards to the display of work images on this site, please contact the museum (attention:“Collection Search” Manager).

4. Text data

Work descriptions may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, but the source must be cited and the text must not be modified.

  • *These requirements are in accordance with the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Text data other than work descriptions are published as Linked Open Data (LOD) and may be used freely for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

  • * These requirements are in accordance with the Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0).

5. Links

In principle, users are free to link to this site. It is not necessary to contact the museum when linking, but please clearly indicate that this site is the link destination.
Please note that the information displayed on this site may be added to or updated from time to time.

6. Recommended viewing environment

The following browsers are recommended for viewing this site:

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
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  • Safari (latest version)

It is recommended that settings are adjusted to enable the following:

  • JavaScript
  • Cookies
  • CSS

7. Privacy Policy

(1) Basic concept

The museum collects the personal information of users of this site to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services provided on this site and for the enhancement and improvement of this site’s content. Collected data will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use in accordance with the privacy policy of the Yokohama Arts Foundation (only in Japanese). In addition, measures will be taken to prevent leaks, loss or damage of collected information and to ensure proper management of collected information.

(2) Scope of personal information collection and data protection

1. Cookies

This site uses cookies for the purpose of improving the functionality and convenience of the browsing experience on this site, and for the purpose of acquiring information for the improvement of this site. Cookies are recorded on the user’s device (computer or mobile device, etc.) when the user visits this site. However, the information collected does not include anything that identifies an individual, such as a user name or email address.

The user can choose to accept or refuse the use of cookies on this site by changing the settings of their web browser. However, if the user refuses to use cookies, the user may be subject to certain functional restrictions on some pages.

2. Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics for site analysis and improvement. Google Analytics, using cookies from this site, automatically collects data such as access status, traffic, browsing environment, and IP addresses. By visiting this site, you agree to the processing of your data by Google for the purposes and in the manner described above. For Google's privacy policy and guidelines for data protection in Google Analytics, please visit the site below.
If you wish to disable the collection and processing of data by Google Analytics, please refer to the opt-out extension function site below.

(3) Social networking service (SNS) buttons

This site uses SNS buttons. Some SNS buttons are set up so that when you browse a website, information such as your user ID and the site you are accessing will automatically be sent to the SNS even if you do not press the SNS button. For details, please check the privacy policy of each SNS.

(4) Scope of application

This Privacy Policy applies only to this site. The handling of information by related organizations is the responsibility of those organizations.

(5) Miscellaneous

This site may revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.

8. Disclaimer

  • Information will be added and updated on this site over time as it becomes available through further compilation, investigation and research.
  • The museum is not responsible for any troubles that occur between users and third parties when using this site.
  • The contents of third-party websites linking from or to this site are managed by their respective website operators, and the museum takes no responsibility for the content on, or damages resulting from the use of, those websites. In addition, a link from this site to a third party’s website does not mean that there is a special relationship such as a tie-up between the museum and the operator of the website in question.

9. Inquiries about this site

Yokohama Museum of Art
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