Work 67E

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Work 67E 

作品 67E

TANAKA, Atsuko
田中 敦子
Birth Year
Death Year
Technique, Material, Format
vinyl paint on canvas 
162.5 x 131.0 cm 
Oil or Other Painting by Japanese Artist 
Inventory Number

Red, blue, green, yellow, pink... Colorful circles and lines extend across the canvas. Some circles are painted in a single color, others in layers of different colors. And the lines drawn to connect the circles vary in thickness and length. So entwined are they that they resemble a complicated electrical circuit. Tanaka Atsuko is known for her 1957 performance in which she wore her Electric Dress, consisting of about 180 light bulbs and light tubes all covered in nine different colors of enamel paint. Many explanations of the works have been postulated. Perhaps the paintings, with their linked circular and linear elements, are based on the original electric circuit diagram for the dress? Or maybe they depict its flickering light?
(OSAWA Sayoko)

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